Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finally Pulled not only one, but a Few

Finally had a good date with the fish at the lake. The weather has been crazy, cold, and raining. Mr. Reese decided to come by and show his ugly mug and drop a few lines in the water. Its was in the low 60's, windy, but the sun was out. We were like screw it, got a 12 pack of pops and jumped in the boat. We were fishing with worms doing a texas style set up. Chris found the right color to use and we started hitting them big fattys! It kept getting colder and colder and everytime we started headed into shore, one of us wrangled a fish in the boat. But finally it got to like 40 degrees and we couldnt move from the frost forming. We headed inside for a warm meal. A good night overall with a good friend. Sorry you missed out danny and rick.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work, even better on the cool vests! Zing!...can't wait to come out and try and match the effort...."Mr. Reese decided to show his ugly mug"=LOL!