Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lunch Break Bass 5/25/2011

Nice little Monday night you fellas had, keep it up. Checkin in real quick with a LB Bass post. I do have to say the week has been active. I can only imagine what Fairfield is like right now. Not sure if these smaller ponds have different patterns than the larger areas of water. Last weeek the bass around the banks basically looked at me like a fool and wanted nothing to do with my offering. You can see a lot of fish in the water at this spot. This week the action was back. Each day I have caught a handful of fish with little more than 25 minutes water time. I HATE GOING BACK TO WORK! I attached some of the bass, and a couple pictures of "Phil's" Pond. This little bastard is from the terrible Smith Road spot, Danny and Reese know about this. That's the old Quantum Escalade 11 bearing spinning reel, and a Bass Pro Shops medium heaby action, IM6 rod.

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