Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lunch Break Bass Intro Post

The Webmaster; Mailbox, has proposed an idea for a new series of posts about catchin bass on the work lunch break. The post is open to everyone. Reese maybe you stop at a pond on the way home from work, and pop a hog. Post it. Danny got to find a spot on the Chicago River, the smallies are there. Scott if at any point during the week you are home, just walk down to the dock between 12 and 1 and nail a pig. Post it. Check out some fish I've caught in the Aurora area over the last year.


  1. Update:
    These guys were caught with either a: 7 inch Power Bait worm, 5 inch Power Bait worm, or a Berkley Shaky Head worm.

  2. Those are some nice Pigs and all of them caught in small ponds. Its obvious they can't hide from us no matter where we fish. I can only hope to get some time off during the week mid-day let alone find a river spot. Maybe mine will have to be on the way home hogs. Ha Ha

  3. Man. . . . look at them fattys!