Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Morning

Took out the youth today for a little bassin. We hit up one of the ponds in Aurora. I brought my littler brother, and Desiree's son Julian. We got up early, well for a Saturday on Memorial Day weekend. We were parked and set up by 9:15 I would say. The landscapers were finishing up the lawn as we walked down to the water. Pretty windy at first, and fairly slow. I caught one, then Julian got one a bobber and nightcrawler. I'm sure it was the biggest fish he's ever caught. Austin got one a little bit later. We walked around the pond hitting all the spots. Finally hit a good 3o to 4o minute stretch were 6-7 fish were probably caught. At one point they each had a nice one at the same time. Austin was the big winner with 8 fish and a nice prob 2 1/2 LB'er. Overall morning worked out!


  1. Great post Rick! Keep up the good work. AHAHA I'm commenting on my own shit.

  2. Haha. its the best post that has been up on this blog so far