Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas In July

The day started at about 4:15 A.M. Ricky Dance and myself ( Dan Van Dam) headed over to pick up our good friend Chris (SKEET) Reese. After waking young Chris with a phone call we got rollin northbound. We were headed to Deep Lake with a quick stop at Scotty Saasage's place to pick up a much needed trolling motor. We get to Scotty's, Lake Fairfield itself, and upon entering the yard we instantly notice the beautiful lake staring us right in the face. Its now about 6:15, theres no way Scotty will be up at this hour right... As we make our way thru the yard we see him walking out with coffee. We tell him the plan and to our surprise he says, "why dont ya guys just fish here?" At Lake Fairfield! You dont have to ask us twice. Needless to say we were on the water fast. We were floatin around in what we call the "Cove" and Ricky hits one on a deep drop so we switch to open water fishing. Now we are in the exact opposite cove of Scotty's and Ricky, using his Oakley Structure Scan, spots some submerged x-mas trees. We start fishin them hard and the results can be seen in the pictures above. All in all we caught around 25-30 fish in a 20ft by 20ft radius near these trees. Skeet was catchin em so fast we thought he was mannin' two poles. Another great day on the lake and I cant wait to go again as always.


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