Friday, October 7, 2011

Half Day of Work, Bass anyone?

Thank you to Scott and Mr. Compiani for bustin balls upon our arrival. Haha, thanks for letting me and my bum friend Reese stick around and fish. The day started off great. Left work at 11sh arrived to the lake around 115. Thats when things got a little dicey. As we approached the waters edge we noticed the ol Scout was filled with water and the batteries have not been maitained in quite some time. They were completely submerged in water and the positive cable was ripped clean away from the Minn Kota. Thanks Scott!...but we were determined to get on the lake this day. With a couple hand tools and some electrical tape we somehow Mcguyvered our way to electrical power. The two batteries in boat were close to dead, so we borrowed one from the pontoon(it was put back in pontoon) hooked it up and were off. Sunny and 70's all day. The fish were active, but also very small. I attached a couple pics of decent ones. I believe we will be back Sunday. We will have to try some new techniques, maybe fish the open water more, or do some jigging to find the big ones! Scottland might want to test the batteries, Danny said they may be fried from being under water! Enjoy!